Assignment #1

Assignment #1

Amanda Hopkins

PSY 101-02

             There are many ways in which college will assist me in meeting my goals as a psychology major. It will provide me with a better education in the psychology field that will help me earn my degree. Having this degree will help me find a job faster, a job in which I will hopefully earn a higher income than those lacking a college degree. College, especially a liberal arts college, will help me become more rounded, providing me with skills in many fields so that I will be prepared to work in many different settings with all types of people. By attending college as a psychology major I will learn how to conduct proper research and how to properly analyze said research so that, if I do go into a psychology research field, I will know how to preform research properly. This will help me to preform research that has validity and fluidity.

            There are many skills, both academically and socially, that college will teach me but there are some things about myself that I hope to improve while I attend college. While in college I will work on improving my scientific writing style so it’s more understandable and easy to replicate when dealing with research. When I started college I was quite shy and I hope, through presentations and group projects, college will improve my confidence in myself when I am publicly speaking, may it be to one person or a larger group. Finally, my memory skills are very weak and I do not retain all the knowledge I should. I hope that college will help me learn improved methods that I can use to retain knowledge so that I will remember everything I learn while attending school.

            Why did I choose psychology? Well at first I hadn’t. I began attending college in 2009 as a biology major, hoping to use it to work with animals, become a trainer or something along that line, when I graduated. As I went to labs and lectures I realized the majority of what I was being taught had nothing to do with my goal and that I was not very happy in the classes I had to attend. I took a psychology 100 class as a tier course and realized that I very much enjoyed the psychology field. After talking with some teachers I learned that, even with a psychology major, I could reach my goal of working with animals, I was not restricted to only a biology major. Therefore, with that new information, I went about changing my major to psychology and keeping biology as my minor. I find psychology fascinating and have always been interested in behavioral studies, personality, etc. By becoming a psychology major I would not only learn more about these topics but I would also learn information that I could use to become an animal trainer or animal behaviorist.

            After the first psychology 100 class and reading the first two chapters of the textbook I learned many things. I learned that the average starting salary for a psychology major was around $28,000 per year. I learned that psychology is one of the top more popular college degrees and that the number of psychology degrees awarding is rising yearly. I also learned that psychology is made up of many sub-fields such as forensic psychology, counseling psychologists, environmental psychologists, and many more. This helped me realize that I had many fields to choose from when I  graduate and I was not restricted to a select few. Finally, I learned that psychology requires a lot of extensive research but in the end it is worth it because you learn more about a specific topic you are interested in.


A. During this assignment I learned alot about myself and what I hope to acheive with a psychology degree. I also was able to discover why I chose to become a psychology major and that was because I was very interested in helping others.

B. I enjoyed writing this assigment and learning about the many fields of psychology I could go into. It was very imformative and I learned alot about myself as well and what I want to do in my life after college.

C. I did not find any part of this assignment difficult.


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