Assignment #3

Assingment 3:

The True Love Question

By: Russell
W. Brethauer

Edited by:
Thorana Nelson, Ph.D.

Journal of
Family Psychotherapy

Volume 20:
Pg. 360-364


The true
love question is a marital
therapy intervention utilized to evaluate marriage viability. This intervention
is based upon a model which posits three possible origins for marriage, of
which only one, bilateral true
love, is
maintained as the sole basis for marital longevity with enduring intimacy. Four
possible outcomes from introducing this intervention with couples are
discussed, as are therapeutic dynamics and applications in marital and
individual psychotherapy. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights


“The True Love Question”
investigates if people marry out of true love and can asking the “True Love
Question” help determine this. Brethauer studied this question by using his
psychology patients as his participants. He would gather information about
their relationship history, ask each individual if they had married for the
right reason, and then analyze their reactions and from this determine if they
had or had not married out of true love. In the end he determined, depending on
their reaction to the “True Love Question,” if their marriage was truly a
marriage out of love. He used this question to help people realize if their
marriage is working and if they had married for the right reason. This was not
a data collecting experiment per say, it was a study done to see if he could
help couples decide if they truly loved
each other or not. (Brethauer, 2009)


  1. Research
    ideas are generated through observing something in the world around you,
    expanding on previous ideas, vicariously observing situations through others,
    and focusing one’s attention on a practical problem in life (Landrum &
    Davis, 2010).
  1. Literature
    review of an article is important because it allows you to set the foundation
    for your article, show why the study is important, and allows you to state your
    hypothesis. Overall is helps you to “organize the articles you think are
    important (Landrum & Davis, 2010).”
  1. The
    peer review system is important because it helps journal editors decide fairly
    if an article is suitable for publishing in their journal. Also, it allows the
    journal article to be scrutinized to make sure its data is accurate and
    correctly gathered. Helps editors choose their journal’s articles “fairly and
    objectively (Landrum & Davis, 2010).”
  1. It is dangerous to use internet sources because it is
    very easy for people to publish false information on the internet. This is
    because people are not required to have their articles reviewed by others
    before publishing. You must make sure you carefully scrutinize an online source
    before using it in order to make sure the data is accurate (Landrum &
    Davis, 2010).


Brethauer, R. (2009). The true love
question. Journal of Family
Psychotherapy, 20,

Landrum, R. E., & Davis, S. F.
(2010). The psychology major.
(4 ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Educations, Inc.


A. While doing this assignment I learned how some psychologists help couples determine if they married for the right reasons. I learned about the “True Love Question” and I beleive it is a useful technique at determining a couples true compatibility. By asking ones self this question they can learn if they married to quickly or if they are truly in love with their partner and that they married for the right reasons.

B. I enjoyed reading this article because it was very informative and I was able to relate it to my own personal life. I asked myself this question about my boyfriend and I and I learned that I am with him for the right reasons because we both truly love one another.

C. I did not find this task challenging because I enjoyed completing it and learning about “the True Love Question.”


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