Assignment #5

Assignment #5

PSY 101 #5 resume


While doing this assignment I learned many things. First of all I learned about the types of jobs available in the field of psychology and the ones that I was most interested in. These included childcare workers, school psychologist, and mental health counselor. While researching these jobs I also learned about the criteria needed to apply for the position and one of these criteria is a resume. This assignment helped me learn how to properly format a resume and the types of information the resume needed to contain such as past experience, past schooling, etc.

I enjoyed researching about the different career opportunities because it helped me learn which jobs best suited me and interested me the most. I learned that I really want to work with kids, especially those with difficult pasts.

The biggest challenge of this assignment was actually putting the resume together. It took a while and I had to look back to see what information about my life and schooling was relevant. But mainly I did not have any challenges.


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