First Class Observations

Today was our first COM 210 class. I walked in not quite sure what to expect. I obviously knew it was a class mainly focused on black and white photography and that we’d be learning how to develop our own film but I wasn’t sure what else we’d be doing. I was excited because I absolutely love photography as you can see in my independent photography page and I couldn’t wait to broaden my knowledge of the subject.

In class we discussed what a camera obscura was (a dark room lacking all light) and we briefly talked about how a camera lens works. How it bends the light to produce an upside down yet exact duplicate of the image being photographed. 


We also talked about depth of field and how you change the depth of the lens to focus better on an object. 

Overall the class was fairly informative about how the class would work and these first few topics (camera obscura, camera lens, and depth of field). We received a syllabus that discuss class rules, grading policies, etc. I believe I will enjoy this class immensely.

Picture Citation:

Tom Harris. How Cameras Work . 1998. Photograph. How Stuff Works. Web. 27 Jan 2012.


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