“Genius of Photography” (Morell)

While watching “Genius of Photography” we learned about the camera obscura and how Morell used it.

We learned a camera obscura can be made out of any room. Just block out ALL light and make a hole, size determined by the size of the room, and the view outside will reflect on the walls inside the room. Only difference would be that the picture would be upside down.

The camera obscura helped us see the world in a different way and made us feel like we were inside a camera. I found it fascinating, almost unbelievable that a little hole in a darkened room could bring the outside world in. We also learned that the camera obscura can also be called a pinhole camera.

The image to the left shows how a camera obscura (pinhole camera) would work. The light would pass through the hole and defract, reflecting the image upside down on the opposite wall inside the darkened room.


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