“Kodak Fiends”

While watching this short clip we learned about the birth of amateur photography. A man named Eastman designed the first roll of film that took 100 pictures and the first amateur camera that could be mass produced. He decided to name it the Kodak and sold it for the first time for $5 in 1888. I found it fascinating how Kodak wasn’t a word that meant anything, it was just a word that Eastman chose because it was catchy and easy to remember. I also found it interesting how, finally, people began to smile in pictures, they no longer felt they had to be serious.

I also liked how the first camera’s, you took your pictures then mailed your camera with the film still inside, back to Kodak. Kodak then developed your pictures and sent them back along with your camera stocked with new film. They made taking pictures easy and affordable.

“Your press the button, we’ll do the rest.”

Kodak finally helped people realize that anyone, including themselves, could be a photographer and tell their stories through pictures.


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