My Journal


Here is the spot where I may leave messages, updates, or just write about my day. If I am working on an independent project I will write about it here and post my progress. Enjoy!


4 Responses to My Journal

  1. Amanda Hopkins says:

    March 9th, 2012
    Later tonight I will be updating my animals slide-shows. I may possibly even add another category to my independent photography, I haven’t quite decided yet. I was going to work on some of photography class assignments but it is a cloudy day and the pictures always come out dreary looking! Maybe I will try again Monday. Hope everyone who happens to look at my website is enjoying all my photography and I have yet to recieve any comments really; don’t be shy! Comment away! They can be positive, negative, etc. Any input is accepted and greatly appreciated!! Thanks and hope you all enjoy your day!! ~Amanda

  2. Amanda Hopkins says:

    Haven’t gotten those additional animal slide shows up yet. All the sudden my schedule has gotten insanely hectic! Hopefully it will be up soon! ~Amanda

  3. Amanda Hopkins says:

    Hey Everyone! Just leaving a message to let people know I now have a Facebook page set up where you can go and like my page, view my photography, and make comments!! Here is the link and please view and like it!!! Thanks!! Have a great day!!

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