Photographers 1839-1990

Ten Photographers between 1839 and 1990

  1. Toni Frissell
  2. Sally Mann
  3. Ansel Adams
  4. Walker Evens
  5. Edward Weston
  6. Hedda Sterne
  7. Irving Penn
  8. Carl Van Vechten
  9. Jean Eugene Atget
  10. Alfred Stieglitz

 My Top Three Choices Are: 

  1. Ansel Adams










  1. Toni Frissell


  1. Jean Eugene Atget

I chose these three photographers because their photographs immediately caught my eye. I was fascinated by how they captured the scene within the pictures. I thought all three took beautiful photographs and I really would love to learn more about them! My absolute favorite of the three is Toni Frissell because I am extremely intrigued by the subjects in their photos. The one I have posted caught my eye immediately and I love how it was taken. It is an amazing piece! I really hope I get to research Toni Frissell because I would really enjoy learning more about Frissell.


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