Reflective Essay

Throughout the semester I learned A LOT about the psychology degree, the career opportunities available, and the life I can form around a degree in Psychology. At the beginning of the semester I knew the basics about the major but this course helped me learn A LOT more! The following are the areas I gained the most knowledge in throughout the semester in PSY 101.

1. I Feel Prepared To Apply To Graduate School

– In the beginning of the semester I rated this a 2 out of 5 because I did not feel prepared at all. At the end of the semester I rated it a 4 out of 5 because now I almost feel completely confident that I can apply for graduate school without issue. I now know how to write a statement of purpose and I now know that my resume should be unique and contain a lot of experience so that I will stick out when graduate schools pick the students to attend their program. The class discussion helped me learn what schools look for and what types of graduate programs there are for psychology majors such as clinical psychology, etc.

2. I Know How To Find Information About Psychology Using PsychInfo

– In the beginning I did not even know what PsychInfo was let alone how to use it. But in class we went over the website and how to properly use it. Then in actual classes I had to use this website to find journal articles to use in papers and this website helped greatly. I love how it is a site that compiles all journal articles related to psychology so that we as students do not have to sift through all the journals that apply to all majors. We can just easily find the ones that apply to our major and the topic we are researching or writing a paper about.

3. I Want A Career That Is Psychology Related

– Before becoming a psychology major I had been a Biology major. I had thought that that was the career path that I had wanted to travel down but after two semesters I learned that that was not so. Therefore, I switched to psychology, another major that interested me and I hope to gain a career in. At the beginning I was iffy if I had made the right choice. I was not sure if I was prepared  to go to graduate school or if I was prepared to do extra work to gain knowledge in the field. However, after completing this course I now know that I am very ready to gain a career in psychology and that I am actually excited to do so. Psychology intrigues me much more than Biology and I can not wait to take more courses, learn more about the field, gain actual experience, and hopefully make a career out of it!

4. I Have A Good Understanding Of The Study Skills Needed For Success In College

– I used to be horrible at studying and always waited till last minute. Therefore I did not rate myself high on this topic. In class however we learned different tips on how to study efficiently and how to stay focused. I now know that I need to find a place that is quiet and without distractions so that I can put all my energy and focus into studying. Also, I learned that my best method, and is best for me to help me remember, is making note cards. I now make note cards for EVERY class/test I must study for. Now at the end of the semester I have rated this a 5 out of 5 because I think this class has helped me learn a lot about how to properly study and I think I am now prepared to study for anything. I now know that when I study I will be doing it properly and it will help me even more on the tests I must take in my future college career.

5. Which Term Best Reflects Your Current Feeling Toward Being A Psychology Major?

– In the beginning of the semester I put somewhat negative because I did not have very much knowledge about the field. At the end of the semester however I put very positive because this class increased my knowledge of the field and helped me learn more about job opportunities, etc. I believe I am now ready to apply to graduate school, study for any test, succeed in almost any psychology career, apply math and science to psychology, use PsychInfo, and successfully complete a major in psychology at ECSU. This class has prepared me for any obstacles I may encounter while experiencing the wonderful and extraordinary world of psychology and the discipline within it.


Overall, I believe this course influenced me greatly and prepared me for a career in psychology. My future no longer looks as scary as it did at the beginning of the semester because I now know the steps to take to reach a career in psychology and I am excited to take those steps and travel towards success. Hey, maybe I’ll be a famous psychologist one day, who knows! 🙂


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