September 23rd

Today in class we discussed how to find research articles that have been peer-reviewed, ways to easily commit things to memory, and studying tips. We learned about the psychology database, PsycInfo and how we can use it to find peer-reviewed psychology articles. I used this database to find my article, The True Love Question, for our third psy101 assignment. In the article I learned how psychologists can determine if a couple married for the right reasons by asking them if they married out of true love.

We also discussed ways to commit thing we learn to memory. Many of these I already use and find to be a big help when I am trying to remember things for school and studying for tests. The ones I use are to distribute studying, not do it all at the same time, link material to situations I have experienced in my own life, and to study in as close to the same setting and state of mind that I would be in when actually taking the test. We also learned some fact about memory research. For example, people are incapable of studying for more than 20 minutes at a time because they begin to lose focus at that point. Also, using note cards (active studying) can help people commit things to memory; this is a study habit I use myself. Finally, we learned about something called state dependent memory in which it is easier for people to retrieve memories if they are in the same state in which that memory occurred.

The last thing we discussed in class was studying tips and tips to follow to help one do well in school. I use almost all of these study tips when I review for tests or quizzes. Examples of the study tips we went over are; be motivated to study (it’s easier to commit things to memory when you actual are in the mood to study), complete all readings and homework assignments on time to do well in school, take notes effectively, DON’T CRAM the night before a test (it is very hard to commit thing to memory when you do not get efficient sleep), manage your time when studying so you can commit an equal amount of time to each task, study and do homework in a distraction free place (distractions can disrupt your brain and decrease your ability to commit things to memory). I use all of these studying and do well tips everyday at school.

Today’s class was very informative and I feel I learned quite a bit. I will use these tips and PsycInfo in the future to help me in school and to do well.


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