September 2nd

Today was the first day of my Introduction to Psychology Major class. Just two weeks ago I had switched from being a Biology major to being a Psychology major and was unsure of what it would be like to be a Psych major. In class we learned that in 2005-2006, around 88,000 college graduates where psychology majors. We also discussed many of the reasons why people attend college and pay thousands of dollars to receive a college degree. The reasons that applied to me were; I came to college to increase my knowledge of my specific major, I hope to use my degree to find a better paying job, I hope by having a degree it will make finding a job easier, and I was excited to meet new people who had the same interests as I. We also discussed all the things we, as psychology majors, should know when we graduate. These included a history of psychology, better language and writing skills, more knowledge on how to conduct proper research and analyze results, and finally we should graduate with improved interpersonal skills. The only disheartening thing I learn during my first class was that the average starting salary for most psychology fields is only $28,674/year and that the number of psychology graduates increases each year. This means that I will be competing with thousands and thousands of individuals for the specific job I hope to get once I graduate. Overall I enjoyed the first class and am looking forward to the next one.


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