September 30th

Today in class we discussed what we should know once we graduate and different statistics about Psychology major after they graduate and find a job.

The things we discussed that I found the most interesting were that the average salary per year has increased from $29,952 (2002) to $31,857 (2007) and this shows that hopefully the annual salary will increase each year. We learned that when we graduate we should have a strong knowledge base in Psychology, critical thinking skills, be able to apply psychology to our everyday lives, reasearch skills, personal development/growth, be information and technology literate, and strong communication skills. Now that I know most jobs look for these skills, I will make sure I improve on them throughout my college career so I can increase my chance of getting a good job.

We also talked about what job areas contain the most psychology majors. The highest percentage of psychology majors with bachelor degrees, 44%, have jobs in management, sales, and administration while the smallest percentage, 8%, have jobs in reasearch and development. I hope to work in a professional field such as daycare, elderly homes, etc and 24% of psychology majors hold jobs in this area.

Today’s class was also very informative and I will make sure to improve on the skills discussed so I can help myself earn a high paying and enjoyable job once I graduate.


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