Student Photo Exhibit Favorites

The following are my three favorite photographs in the Eastern Connecticut State University Photo exhibit located in Webb Hall and the Communications Building.

#1   “Untitled” by Selena Cofield-Rivera

I like this photograph because it beautifully shows the change from land to water to sky. The clouds look so puffy you feel as if you could hold them in your hand. The ocean looks like a mirror reflecting some of the sky. This is a truly beautiful black and white photograph that show natural in all its glory.

#2   “Eyesight” by Dana Malsey-McGuire  

This picture beautifully uses light and shadow to give the subject character. It almost looks as if the eye holds a secret the viewer has yet to discover. Also, from the light spec in the eye you can determine the light used was set up in the upper left. This gives the face/eye shadowing that makes it look so mysterious.

#3   “Abandon” by 

The shadowing in this photograph makes the viewer feel as if they could walk right into the picture and down the hallway. The subject (the abandoned hallway) also makes the viewer mysterious to why it is abandoned. What happened there? What stories does it hold? The lighting also provides an ominous feeling to the piece allowing the viewer to formulate their story for why they believe it is abandoned. This picture is my favorite out of the three.


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